An amazing creative surprise from a fan…

“So I ‘covered’ three of your songs today.”

The message was from one of my fans and fellow songwriters, George Kelly, who sometimes performs as Saint and Kings. We’ve played shows together and he bought my lyrics + poetry book the very same hour it was posted.

He took some of the lyrics in the book and wrote his own music to accompany them. Then he sat down at GarageBand and whipped out a few demos in a day.

I was floored.

I’ve never had someone do this for my songs before. It’s so amazing how someone’s completely fresh perspective can then influence my own perspective on my songs.

The delightful thing is, of the three songs he ‘covered’ (listen to them below), there’s one song he chose, “The World Didn’t End,” that I myself haven’t even written the music to yet. That’s the whole point of me publishing the book: I wanted to share my creations even in their unfinished format.

Well, George inspired me to fast-track finishing that song. Who knows, he may even get a cowriter’s credit on it.

With his permission, I’m posting his versions of my songs below.

I’m rendered speechless.

Thank you, George.

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