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You know you are my friend
Well that’s what friends should say
I know you’ve got a thousand questions
Like what am I doing back here anyway
I’m deciding where I am
By knowing decidedly where I am not
And I was so stuck on leaving that I
Forgot where to arrive

You’re telling me your whole story
Like some big happiness cliche
You say you’ve found your four-leaf clover
But tell me what does your four-leaf clover say
About the path of least resistance
Or the diamond in the rough
And if your wildest dreams are all coming true
Well, maybe your dreams aren’t wild enough

I didn’t come to you for some closure
I don’t need your directions too
Yeah, I’m totally irresponsible
But guess what, baby, so are you
When you’re always living your life
Unwilling to make some big mistakes
Like being so stuck on leaving that you
Forget where to arrive

Am I jealous of this
Feeling that you call bliss
At the end of the road, top of the line
May I never be so satisfied
May I never live
May I never live
May I never live to be so paralyzed again

May I never arrive

So now the world is my oyster
And I’m leaving home at home
I’ve been running fast on empty
Running fast into the great unknown
I didn’t really want to leave you
But I knew you wouldn’t mind
So I didn’t look back when I
Left you behind

The secret is I miss you
I had half a mind to kiss you
But I’ve got to resist you
‘Cause I’ve been so stuck on leaving I
Forgot who to arrive
Forgot who to arrive, arrive, arrive
Arrive to

@ Credits @

released April 19, 2014
Written and performed by Suzanne Yada
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Devoto
Engineered by Brian Bergeron
Additional engineering by Jonathan Devoto, Omid Moayedi, Matthew West