if you like tori amos, here’s a playlist for you.


i love tori. she single-handedly inspired my 16-year-old ass to take piano lessons again, and i never looked back.

i’m a member of several Ears With Feet facebook groups. i lurk mostly, but every so often, someone starts a thread asking for new music inspired by tori amos. and i selfishly submit my own, but i know other amazing musician friends who create music tori amos fans would love.

i want to promote the work of my fellow independent artists to an inspiring and dedicated fan base, so to make it easy, i’ve gathered a mix of songs in this spotify playlist that are similar to the tori amos music vibe. some songs are immensely popular. some don’t even crack the 1,000+ spotify listens.

but all of it is good.
like, really good.



here’s the wonderful musicians in my circle of bay area friends: