here’s a playlist with artists similar to They Might Be Giants. please enjoy.

hi everyone. i’m @ Little Spiral @ and i fucking love they might be giants. i am guessing we are both gathered here today for similar purposes.

i’ve seen this question over and over again in various tmbg forums and communities — who else should i listen to if i like they might be giants? well you could do pandora or spotify, but i thought i’d handpick my favorite songs that have that are a bit upbeat, a bit quirky (uuuugh that word someone invent another word for quirky pronto), songs that have interesting lyrics or a wicked sense of humor.

i’m mixing together popular with underground, major label with independent. i’ve thrown in my music and the music of friends that i felt were appropriate. i’m also throwing in songs that influenced tmbg lyrics, and original songs tmbg covered, in case you haven’t heard the originals yet. (for example, after i heard Macarthur Park for the first time, It’s Not My Birthday now makes a billion times more sense.)

i graciously used notes found on TMBW to compile those songs at the end of the playlist, right around where kurtis blow starts talking about the breaks.

in any case, please enjoy! and if you want to request a tmbg for me to cover on the piano, please check out i’m livestreaming a TMBG happy hour on april 13, 2016 right here in my facebook group and i am so, so taking your requests. 🙂