a new blog home.


i am experimenting with a blog idea for my @ Little Spiral @ project.

there’s stuff coming up that i am far too fucking excited about, and i want to keep it all in one spot.

it’s daring to stake your claim in the internet on your own turf and not on a third-party blogging site. i mean, i have my patreon blog and my medium blog, but i’m about to launch some really sophisticated stuff where i’ll be hand-coding some features, so i wanted to retain full creative control.

having my own site is a bit like not being on a label. there’s tradeoffs, depending on your goals. i’m not anti-label at all. i just want to try my hand at a few new things.

stay tuned. make sure you sign up for my email list.

that is all.


oh, and i love you.


ok, now that is all.

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